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Case studies - Domestic Bedroom

Mr B's Bedrooms

Location : Ilkley, Yorkshire

Mr B's brief to us was to keep the equipment as invisible as possible and to have the lowest achievable noise levels.

Experience with studio air conditioning led us to propose ducted type split systems with specially attenuated noise reducing ductwork.

The indoor units are hidden in the attic with the only part of the system visible from inside the house being the white ceiling mounted grilles.

The Mitsubishi M Series multisplit inverter heat pump system operates with two indoor units (serving 3 bedrooms) and one external unit at low level at the rear.

Our noise attenuation measures mean that with the equipment switched on, as Mr B says : "You can't hear that it's running".

One of the two ducted indoor units located in the attic space

one of the ceiling mounted air distribution grilles in the second bedroom

Ceiling grille just visible in corner of master bedroom

This discrete low noise outdoor unit operates both indoor units.

Remote controllers hidden within airing cupboard

Technical Details

Equipment :

2 x Mitsubishi SEZ A12 AR ducted indoor units
1 x MXZ A26 WV multisplit inverter heat pump outdoor unit

Approximate cost :

£6,000.00 net excluding VAT

Click here for more technical details on the Mitsubishi SEZ A12 AR ducted indoor units.

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