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Case studies - Call Centre


Location : Selkirk, Scotland

When Manpower created a brand new 21,000 sq ft Borders Contact Centre at Selkirk they made sure it offered the very latest of everything.

It was essential to create a comfortable working environment. This is important because the quality of the work environment has been found to be a major factor in a staff turnover levels throughout the Contact Centre industry.

Our solution was to install a five Daikin variable refrigerant volume systems utilising cassette indoor units.

Because of the high ceiling height, cassette systems and lighting are located in MDF rafts at lower level to achieve economical and effective cooling.

With a design occupancy level of 290 seats the provision of mechanical ventilation was essential. this was achieved by the installation of eight Daikin VAM heat recovery ventilation units complete with ducting and grilles - the systems provide both extract and fresh air input with heat recovery.

Panoramic view showing the idyllic location of the site


Up to 290 staff are employed within the call centre

Part detail from our autocad drawings showing arrangement of equipment


Detail of intermediate level MDF raft containing cassette air conditioning unit

Technical Details

Equipment :

The following Daikin Equipment -

5 off RSXY P10 KJY1 2 pipe heat pump condensing units
1 off RSXY P5 KJY1 2 Pipe heat pump condensing units
30 off FXYF P50 KB7V1 cassette units
1 off FXYA P40 KV1 wall mount
1 off FXYA P32 KV1 wall mount
2 off FXYA P25 KV1 wall mount
2 off FXYA P20 KV1 wall mount
6 off BRC 1C517 remote controllers
1 off DCS 302 B51 centralised controller
1 off RYP 200 B7W1 heat pump condensing unit
2 off FHYC P100 B7 cassette units
3 off RP 100B 71 cooling only condensing units
3 off FAY P100 BV1 wall mount
1 off RP 71 B7W1 cooling only condensing units
1 off FAY P71 BV1 wall mount
1 off FT45 GAZV 1NB wall mount
1 off R45 GZ7 V11 cooling only condensing unit
1 off FT35 GZV 1NB wall mount
1 off R35 GZ7 V11 cooling only condensing unit
3 off FT25 GZV 1NB wall mount
3 off R 25 GZ7V1 cooling only condensing units
8 off VAM 1000 FJVE heat reclaim ventilation units

Approximate cost :

£168,000.00 nett excluding VAT


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