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Call Centres

Maintaining staff performance by providing a comfortable environment


The problem

Call centres present special problems in terms of environmental management.

High premises costs lead to a heavy concentration of both staff and IT.

Factors which need to be taken into account include :

Design considerations

Careful selection of equipment is required in order to ensure that adequate cooling is installed – it is not uncommon for clients to have air conditioning installed which is far too small to meet the required cooling capacity.

It is essential that the recommended minimum fresh air requirement is met in order to comply with current building regulations, and also to ensure that staff concentration and comfort is maintained. This will normally require the installation of a separate mechanical ventilation system which provides the correct amount of filtered fresh air for the number of persons and will also provide an equivalent extract of stale air.

All equipment within the space must be installed in a manner which minimises noise – our experience with studio air conditioning gives us the expertise to be easily able to achieve this.

The solution to control of temperature

To control temperature we will usually recommend the use of multiple ceiling cassette mounted systems – these are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit any size call centre. Single or multiple outdoor units may be used depending on requirements.

Ceiling cassette indoor units to control temperature

The ventilation solution

To provide mechanical ventilation the traditional approach has been the use of large air handling units with inbuilt heater batteries and a separate extract system – however we feel that the latest heat exchanger ventilation units offer significant advantages in terms of :

Principal of operation of the Mitsubishi Lossnay heat exchanger ventilation unit

The Mitsubishi Lossnay heat exchange ventilator unit provides both filtered fresh air and extract of stale air from the space with a heat exchanger which transfers heat between the incoming and extract air streams. In this way the client’s precious heating or cooling capacity is not wasted and no additional heating or cooling of the fresh air stream is required.

Lossnay unit with circular ductwork connections clearly visible

Air will be distributed to and from the space via circular ductwork and grilles

Lossnay units can be easily integrated into the air conditioning control system for flexible and efficient control of environmental conditions.


Typical costs

Because of the variable nature of call centres we are unable to quote typical costs without detailed knowledge of your site and it's requirements.

PLease contact us for further details of costs.

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