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Computer Rooms

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The problem

Computer rooms are an essential part of modern commerce – however heat emitted from IT equipment can rapidly raise temperatures, especially in confined spaces such as comms rooms and server rooms.

Factors which need to be taken into account include :

The solution

To control temperature in a simple computer room we will usually recommend the use of high level wall mounted systems – these have the distinct advantage that in the event of drain blockage, condensate water will not drip on to your essential IT equipment.

Mitsubishi PK series wall mounted indoor unit
Not the prettiest unit, but one of the most reliable - ideal for Comms Rooms & Compuer Rooms

We select only the most thoroughly engineered equipment for computer rooms – equipment which we know to have a proven record of reliability.

Where the client’s IT equipment requires humidity and temperature control or high specification filtration, we are able to supply specialist computer type air conditioning systems having this facility.

If the client’s IT processes are mission critical and air conditioning shutdown would result in IT equipment failure – then we will propose the use of multiple systems to give resilience against failure – if necessary with run and standby systems.

This large computer room requires both temperature & humidity control with floor void air distribution

Typical costs

Because of the variable nature of computer rooms we are unable to quote typical costs without detailed knowledge of your site and it's requirements.

PLease contact us for further details of costs.

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