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The problem

Customers expect to feel comfortable not only in in reception, restaurant& bar areas but also in bedrooms.

Hotel bedrooms present a considerable challenge where air conditioning is concerned.

Low noise levels are essential and the problems of location of equipment dictate the use of the most compact equipment available.

Cost constraints and the need for efficient control, often including occupancy activated control often require the application of specially designed hotel room type indoor units.

Factors which need to be taken into account include :

The solution

To control temperature we will usually recommend the use of concealed duct mounted systems located above the entrance lobby – these have ultra low noise levels and grilles can be painted to match room décor for an invisible appearance.

Hotel bedroom with concealed low noise air conditioning unit located above entrance lobby

Individual outdoor units may be used on small sites or on larger projects a single VRV outdoor unit can be used operating tens of indoor units in both cooling and heating mode.

Occupancy senor activated controls and sophisticated scheduling are also available to ensure that absolute minimum running costs are achieved.

Typical costs

Because of the variable nature of hotel sites we are unable to quote typical costs without detailed knowledge of your site and it's requirements.

PLease contact us for further details of costs.

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