Supplying and installing the latest in air conditioning technology


control of temperature for the benefit of equipment, staff and patients


The problem

Medical areas are subject to increasing heat loads from the proliferation of computers, high lighting levels and specialist medical equipment.

Staff are under increasing pressure and the maintenance of comfortable conditions contributes to the well being of both patients and medical staff.

Factors which need to be taken into account include :

The solution

To control temperature we will usually recommend the use of commercially available air conditioning sytems used for comfort cooling and heating over a wide range of applications.

Dental surgeries require cooling to maintain comfort for the busy dentist - and their patients

Our expertise in the medical feild comes from many years of installing equipment in hospitals, x ray and scanning rooms, consulting suites and dental surgeries.

We know that disruption must be kept to a minimum and that the need for absolute trustworthiness from operatives is paramount in the medical environment

Typical costs

Because of the variable nature of medical sites we are unable to quote typical costs without detailed knowledge of your site and it's requirements.

PLease contact us for further details of costs.

For more information

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