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control of temperature and noise - in a high tech environment


The problem

Recording and radio studios present a technically challenging problem for those involved in the provision of air conditioning. Of paramount importance is the control of temperature whilst maintaining the noiseless conditions which are the goal of all studios.

Studios will have a year round need for cooling in order to maintain comfortable conditions. Factors which contribute towards the have a need for cooling include:

The solution

Ducted air conditioning systems having ultra low velocity air flows and careful selection of air distribution terminal devices can provide silent and draught free control of temperature and with integrated provision of filtered fresh air for ventilation purposes.

We apply highly efficient attenuation measures to the ductwork to reduce noise levels and utilise equipment having the lowest available noise levels.

For the larger studio projects, the constant heat produced by the studio and racks rooms can be recovered and used to heat ancillary areas during the winter months leading to some amazing savings in energy costs for the building.

Using the latest equipment and techniques the cost of having high performance air conditioning has never been lower.

The end result of our efforts - perfect conditions for both staff and equipment

Our Expertise

Over the last ten years we have been involved in the supply and installation of many studio air conditioning systems throughout the UK.

We feel that the expertise which we have developed and our understanding of the requirements of studios make us one of the leading UK contractors in this field.

Projects which we have supplied and installed air conditioning for include :

We would be happy to provide further details and references on request.

Typical costs

Because of the variable nature of studios we are unable to quote typical costs without detailed knowledge of your site and it's requirements.

PLease contact us for further details of costs.

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