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Air Conditioning Equipment

Equipment – an overview of what we have to offer


Our philosophy

We believe that we should only offer our clients equipment which fulfills the following criteria:

  • High quality engineering and finish
  • Best possible reliability record
  • Energy efficient operation
  • Good backup and long term availability of spares
  • Excellent value for money

Buyer beware

The air conditioning world is awash with many different but similar sounding makes of equipment.

Many of these are available from importers who offer little or no backup in terms of technical information and spare parts. In some cases the importers do not remain in business very long, and this can leave clients with equipment which cannot be repaired in case of failure.

Very often the initial cost savings compared with good quality equipment is less than a couple of hundred pounds, but the client can be left with equipment for which they paid thousands which effectively becomes useless.

Our choice

Our many years experience in installing thousands of air conditioning systems have led us to the conclusion that we should give our clients the benefits of our experience and offer only good quality equipment which we know to be reliable and with good support.

This philosophy has led to us having an installed base of equipment of first class reliability which protects both our reputation and the customers substantial investment.

Our decision to specialise in a couple of the best manufacturers mean that you can be sure that we have the expertise to deal with any eventuality.

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