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Fresh air ventilation – an essential element in producing a comfortable environment

Poor indoor air quality can be attributed to many problems inside a building. Excess humidity causes dampness, rot and mould, whilst pollutants are known to be a major cause of damaging health issues such as asthma and eczema. Stale air is also believed to lead to a loss in productivity and low morale.

 As the demand for improved energy efficiency results in increasingly airtight buildings, natural ventilation proves less effective and drives the need for mechanical ventilation.

 With increasing legislation, the challenge for designers, installers and occupiers of any building is to find ventilation that’s both effective and energy efficient.

One of the most effective means of introducing fresh air ventilation is the use of Mitsubishi Lossnay heat exchange ventilation systems designed to supply fresh air into any commercial building whilst simultaneously extracting stale air and, most importantly, recovering valuable heat energy for maximum efficiency.

 The principle of operation is that a heat exchanger core extracts heat from the waste exhaust air to maintain a comfortable internal temperature with minimal energy consumption.

When conditions allow, the system can be switched to full bypass mode to allow free cooling of the space using outside air.

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