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Ecodan's advanced heating technology explained

  1. Refrigerant in the evaporator is colder than the heat source.
    This causes the heat to move from the heat source (in this case the outside air) to the refrigerant, which then evaporates.
  2. This vapour moves to the compressor and reaches a higher temperature and pressure.
  3. The hot vapour now enters the condenser and gives off heat as it condenses.
  4. The refrigerant then moves to the expansion valve; drops in temperature and pressure; and then returns to the evaporator.

What makes Ecodan unique? - Inverter-driven technology

At the heart of Ecodan is a modern, inverter-driven heat pump compressor which converts free energy from the air and upgrades it to higher temperatures suitable for heating.

The inverter control regulates the system so that heat output modulates to match the exact capacity required, meaning the boiler will only consume the exact energy needed at any given time and thus increase efficiency further.