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Mitsubishi Ecodan - The Future of Domestic Heating

Investing in the future

As with any new technology Ecodan is an investment in the future.

Developers, homeowners and house builders need the reassurance that any technology they purchase today will operate and be useful in years to come.

Ecodan has been designed very much with the future in mind.

Even now, legislation forces house builders and home owners to reduce energy use in there properties

Part L Building Regulations sets targets for carbon emissions from dwellings and these targets will rise over the next few years.

Ecodan with its ultra low energy performance will enable homes to meet these targets long after they were built .

The introduction of the home information pack means that home owners will consider the amount of energy used in domestic dwelling and those using Ecodan will be aware that there energy use will always be less than homes with traditional gas fired boiler systems or electric heating .

An increasing number of Local Authorities have targets for the use of renewable energy sources on new build sites and Ecodan gives compliance with this as well as compliance with reduced carbon emissions.

The Ecodan system really is the future of domestic heating - with the following benefits over traditional boilers:

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