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The Performance Characeristics of Ecodan

Highest Efficiency

With the UK’s ambient temperatures, Ecodan is perfectly designed to operate at optimum performance throughout the year. Ecodan can generate hot water up to 60°C, it also has the ability to operate in the unlikely event of the outside temperature plummeting to -20°C.

Low starting current

Ecodan operates on a standard single phase power supply
and has very a low starting current of 5 amps, which reduces
power requirement further still.

Low noise levels

Crucial to residential applications, the Ecodan offers one of the lowest noise levels available. Older heat pump technology is likely to have operating noise levels between 52 and 55dBA, whereas Ecodan is a good 3dBA lower at only 49dBA. Well within acceptable levels and effectively ‘half’ of that associated with the older technologies, 3dBA is the equivalent to a 50% reduction
in noise levels.

Easy to install

The Ecodan heat pump is a self contained unit which only
requires water and electric connections.