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Changes in working practices implemented due to Covid 19 have meant that increasing numbers of clients are working from home.

A growing realisation that home working may become a semi permanent feature of our lives, has led many to invest in improvements in both the presentation, efficiency and comfort of their home office space.

Unfortunately In many cases, hotter summer temperatures, together with less than ideal locations and inadequate home construction methods mean that many home office spaces are not really suitable for use over a long working day because of excessively high internal temperatures in summer. Often this is coupled with inadequate heating in winter.

It is our belief that the installation of air conditioning in your home office is an essential aid to comfort and productivity – and as such is an allowable expense for your company in just the same way as adequate IT facilities, desking, seating and storage.

The latest systems are whisper quiet, with high efficiency and are suitable for use on a normal domestic electrical supply.

Multi split systems enable  air conditioning to be implemented in other spaces throughout the home (for example : lounge, second  office or bedroom) whilst using a single outdoor unit – and we have shown some examples of this below.

This white M series unit heats and cools a home office at surface pattern designers studio in Stockport

This newly converted bedroom to home office conversion uses a black finish Mitsubishi LN unit.

This single outdoor unit in the garden works with two indoor units located in the lounge and home office.

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